Valuation and Appraisals

Equipment Valuations 

  • In an ever changing marketplace the smallest of mistakes on a valuation could equal tens of thousands of dollars* 
  • Have handled/overseen more than $8 million in dental related equipment transactions and continue to daily.* 

 Past Clients Include: 

  • Large/Small Banks 
  • SBA 
  • Attorneys  
  • Buy/Sell Agreements 
  • Accountants 
  • Trustees 
  • Other Resellers 
  • Insurance Companies 

Two Types of Valuations: 

  1. On site (1800-2800 depending on # office size) 
  2. Desktop ($5,500-$6,500 based on size of office, location, # of items to be tested) 

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More Thorough Approach to Values:  

All Valuations are comprised of 3 separate values on each appraisal: 

  1. High Retail 
  2. Avg Retail 
  3. Wholesaler/Liquid 

Includes: 1 Hour Consult for Each Valuation

Turn Around Time: 72 Hr, once all pertinent information on equipment is received 

Note: Viking Dental Group has been asked to re-evaluate appraisals and make expert opinions on current valuations being used in court cases.  

What’s Needed from Client: 

  • Make/Model  
  • Manf Date 
  • Pictures (for grading condition) including serial tag. 
  • Usage data (number of cycles, exposure/scan count along with any major/minor functional issues past and present.  

(Can collect all of this data s as well as test on all onsite valuations)